Movie Theatre Magic

I grew up in the days of the drive-in movies with the big speaker boxes that you propped into your car window.  Walk-in theatres are nice, but they lack the character and magic of sitting under the stars, in the night air, in the back of a pickup truck or the jump seat of an old station wagon.  Until recently, I kinda felt the magic of going to the movies was gone.  Enter, iPic Theatres.  This is an entirely different kind of movie theatre magic.

Instead of the usual fold-down theatre seats, you get recliners – like the one you have at home only nicer (unless your old Barcalounger is really nice).  The recliner comes complete with a pillow and blankie.  Which, if you’re like me, are necessary movie watching accessories.  For couples, there are pairs of recliners with a table in between them.  This table is very important for the waiter who approaches shortly after you enter the theatre to take your dinner order.  I’m not talking popcorn and theatre nachos either.  They’re serving real food.  Real GOOD food.

My hubby and I visited the iPic theatre in The Domain in Austin.  We ordered cheese biscuits as an appetizer.  Yes,  Cheese Biscuits, you read that right.  Actually, “Warm Cheddar Drop Biscuits” is how they’re listed on the menu.  And they were killer!  This wasn’t a Red Lobster cheese biscuit.  This was like nothing I’d ever tasted. But that’s not all!  We also ordered Angus Burger Sliders and Truffle Fries. At a movie theatre!  Other menu items included; Roasted Veggie Kabobs, Crispy Tempura Beans, and Shrimp Tacos.  That’s just a small sampling.

We nibbled, and drank, and relaxed in our comfy recliners without ever once having to get up and walk to the snack bar.  We enjoyed our movie uninterrupted (the timing of the wait staff was magic in itself) and in total comfort.  Was this experience an inexpensive one?  NO!  Was it worth doing at least once in spite of the cost?  YES!  One tidbit of advice:  Go see a movie you’ve at least seen the trailer for, or you may FEEL like it wasn’t worth it.



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