Friday Night Pizza Review

My family LOVES pizza!  In fact, my oldest son and my husband love it so much that I would classify them as borderline fanatics!  😂  As a result, we are constantly trying out new pizza places.  I thought it might be fun to post a pizza review every Friday since Friday night is “pizza night” for a lot of us.  So, without further ado . . .  our first pizza review!

I’m going to start with a more mainstream pizza restaurant.  One that’s been around since I was young – Domino’s pizza.  For nearly thirty years I wouldn’t touch the stuff.  The crust tasted like cardboard and it was just all around bland.  Then, in 2009, Domino’s rolled out a new and improved pizza recipe.  I decided to give them another chance, and we’ve never looked back.  Domino’s is now our “go-to” for cheap and quick pizza night.

Pizza isn’t the only thing Domino’s offers these day.  Pasta, sandwiches, and chicken bites round out the menu.  My 11-year old loves the build your own pasta option and I’m partial to the Crispy Bacon & Tomato specialty chicken.  One of the things I really love is the option for white sauce.  My husband’s sensitive stomach doesn’t always react well to traditional pizza sauce, so the Alfredo option is perfect for him.  Domino’s also has a rewards program that allows you to earn free pizzas. That’s been fun.

Those are all the upsides to Domino’s. But, what’s a review without some negatives?  There’s really only one thing that my family and I agree is a negative.  After enjoying the crispy, gooey, cheesy new recipe we feel like we ate a block of salt. That’s an exaggeration, but you get the point.  We actually feel the rise in blood pressure and water consumption is at it’s highest point all day.

Is it worth it?  Well, delivery is always speedy.  The pizza is always hot and delicious, and we’ve never had a problem with them getting an order wrong.  So, once in awhile, if I don’t eat a whole half a pizza, I think it’s okay.  Truthfully, I have recently found wonderful alternatives, but that’s for another Friday Night Pizza Review.  😉

Mangiamo!  😊👍🏻

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