C.D. Treatments – Week 2

I have now completed two weeks of neurological treatments for C.D.  There hasn’t been a lot of change, but I was able to do something at my appointment today that gave my doctor even more hope.  I was able to hold my head at a certain angle, without it pulling to the left, for several seconds.  In fact, when I looked up and to my right, the pulling felt very minimal.  She did some movements with my head and checked how my eyes tracked, and that was good.

If anything, over these last two weeks, I have learned how intricately connected everything in our bodies is.  It’s amazing!  A lot of you are probably very aware of that already, so I won’t bore you with info you already know.  I do want to share one thing though.  She has me do an exercise where I lie on the floor, hold a pelvic lift for 30 seconds while turning my head to one side and back with my focus on an object in front of me.  I’m sure it looks pretty silly.  I asked her what the pelvic lift had to do with it.  She told me that it activates the nerves in my back that run up to my brain.  Whodda thunk it?  Like I said, fascinating!

One other new development, I guess you could call it, is that my neurologist here is going to consult with another chiropractic neurologist in Austin who also specializes in movement disorders.  I may be seeing him in the near future to see what he has to say.  That should be interesting.

All-in-all, this week was a little challenging.  I did a little traveling which made it difficult to get all the exercises in, and when I did do them I didn’t have a lot of success – particularly with the laser light in the target one.  If you read my last post, I think I mentioned having some success with that one the week before.  Not so much this week.  Like the doctor told me though, some days would be better than others.  I guess that goes for some weeks as well.   I’m doing some more traveling this weekend, so she’s not giving me anything new to do until next week.

We’re only two weeks into this so we’ve only just begun.  As long as my doctor has hope, I have hope.

Keeping you posted and in my prayers!

Brenda. 😊

One thought on “C.D. Treatments – Week 2

  1. Diana L Reckaway says:

    I was thinking that about the back when we talked about that exercise – considering that millions of nerves are connected to the spinal cord that runs up to your brain…duh! We didn’t have our thinking caps all the way on the other day, did we??? LOL

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