CD Treatments – Week 3

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Dear friends,

I promised to keep you updated on my progress with the chiropractic neurologist I’ve been seeing.  Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing her anymore.  She is handing me off to another chiropractic neurologist who has more experience with movement disorders.  She still insists that there’s relief for me and she believes that I stand a better chance of that with this other doctor.

In addition to this news, Dr. Allen also gave me a written “report of findings”.  I’ll share the highlights with you:

“EXAM:  reveals no sensory changes to her head, face and upper extremity.  She demonstrates a constant contraction and rotation of her head to the left, with eye deviation to the right.  Field of vision demonstrates dysmetria.  She has hypertonicity of her upper thoracic spine and cervical area.

DIAGNOSIS:  Cervical Dystonia, cervical segmental dysfunction.

PLAN:  Patient will receive brain based exercises using her vestibular system, cerebellum, to inhibit her right basal ganglia.”

I had to look up some of these terms and this is what I found:  Dysmetria – inability to properly direct or limit motions – caused by cerebellum disorders (nothing new there); hypertonicity – 1. having increased pressure or tone, in particular  2. of or in a state of abnormally high muscle tone (this definition also had something to do with body fluids, but I’m not sure that applies here); segmental dysfunction – mechanical problems of the individual joints (facet joints) and related ligaments and muscles that link the spinal bones.

Those big words probably make it seem a lot scarier than it is (I hope), but I’ve been crying on and off since my appointment (about an hour ago as of writing this).  I’m not exactly sure what has me so upset; being sent to another doctor when I hoped this one had the answers or seeing my diagnosis in writing?  Or maybe I’m just sore and tired and any emotional upheaval would send me into tears?  I don’t really know.  I just know I feel like crying so that’s probably what I’m going to do.  Then, I’m thinking maybe some ice cream and a good comedy.  🍨🎥👍🏻

Keeping you posted and in my prayers!

Brenda 😊💕


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