Friday Night Pizza Review!

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Ok.  Here’s a new one!  Well, it was new to me anyway.  My hubby and I ran across it in our food delivery adventures (we drive part-time for Uber Eats and Grub Hub).  It’s called Mellow Mushroom.  How cool of a name is that?  The decor of the place is pretty cool too, and their icon is this cool looking little mushroom cartoon dude.


And the pizza is bomb!  My favorite is the “Holy Shitake”.  It’s a mushroom lover’s dream!  Another favorite is their pretzel bites with beer cheese sauce.  They have a lot more to choose from though.  They even make burgers!

One of my favorite things about Mellow is that it tastes like they use high quality, fresh ingredients, and they pass my “salt block test”.  I don’t feel like I’ve eaten a block of salt afterward.  They’re a little pricier than Domino’s or Pizza Hut, but the quality is worth it to me.  It’s not “cheap” pizza.

I give Mellow Mushroom a five out of five anchovies!  For a true experience, I recommend dining in.  Say “Hey!” To E.T. For me.

Mangiamo!  😁🍕

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