Loving Proof – Day 14

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“The LORD keeps all who love Him . . . “ -Psalm 145:20

Seven powerful words, and the word “keeps” is key.  What does it mean that the Lord keeps us?  In the original language, the word is “shamar” and I wish you could hear it pronounced because it’s beautiful.  According to the Strong’s Concordance of the Bible this word means:  “to keep, guard, observe, protect”.  Another definition is “to treasure up (in memory)”.

Think about it and let it sink deep into your heart.  The Lord of Lords, THE God of the universe; guards, observes, protects, and treasures YOU who love Him.  Say those words over and over to yourself and soak in their meaning.  That’s what God does for those who love Him.

God does not expect our love to be perfect.  It’s HIS love that is perfect.  We do our best and trust Him for the rest.  We do our BEST.  We give Him our excellence in love and He works it all out according to His plans and purposes.  Just love Him with all your heart and know that that’s enough for Him.  In return, He will guard, observe, protect, and treasure you.  Everything that happens in your life will cross His desk first and what He allows will have purpose.  We need to trust Him regardless of how things look.  “for we walk by faith, not by sight” -2Corinthians 5:7



©2018, Brenda Lenz – Loving Proof devotional


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