58 Years Ago

On this day 58-years ago my mother, Dixie Lee Miller, was in Santa Ana Community Hospital giving birth to an 8lb. 8oz. baby girl.  She would name her Brenda Lee, after the famous country singer of the time.  I believe the hospital is now part of what’s called the South Coast Global Medical Center.  This is what it looked like when I was born there:


My parents lived at 8002 Carnation Dr., Buena Park, California.


This is the street view on Google maps today (modern technology is amazing!).  I’m sure the house looked different in 1960, but I haven’t located a picture of it from that year.

For some reason, this birthday is a difficult one.  30, 40, and even 50 were birthdays I celebrated quite happily.  I celebrated all month the year I turned 50!  A lot of changes have come with this birthday; my youngest son is living and attending college 8-hours away and this was the first summer he didn’t come home for the summer.  My eldest son is about to move to the other side of the world for schooling. I was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia, a neurological disorder that causes my neck muscles to contract and rotate my head involuntarily and spontaneously.  There are just too many evidences of aging this year and I don’t like it.

There are bright spots, of course.  My youngest daughter recently moved back to Texas with her husband and four kids, and we spend a lot of time together which is a total blessing.  In fact, my daughter is coming to spend the day with me today which I am very much looking forward to.  Otherwise, I would be spending the day alone and probably a little sad . . . or very possibly, a lot sad.  I got to go home to California for a visit a few months ago and that was awesome!  I got to see my oldest daughter and granddaughter and met some new members of the family.  Fortunately, that was right before the Dystonia got worse so we had a wonderful trip!

There are always bright spots in life. It just seems that I have to look harder for them as I get older.  Aging is a cruel thing, I’ll be honest.  I don’t know if there is a good way to prepare for it other than taking as good care of yourself as possible, but even that is no guarantee of an active lifestyle in the golden years.  Am I even IN the golden years yet?  I’m pretty sure I’m past middle age.  I don’t know.  I always hear that “age is simply change” and “It’s just a number.”  I can’t decide if those attitudes are optimism or denial.  Either way, today I am another year older and this time, I feel like it.


2 thoughts on “58 Years Ago

  1. Jack R Arnold says:

    Enjoyed hearing a little of your history, Brenda. Let me assure you that you’re no where near the golden years.Lots of living to do before that time.

    Liked by 1 person

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