Addendum to “58 Years Ago”

Okay.  I think my last post was a little too negative.  For the record, all of my friends and family with whom I share my life are bright spots in it.  My husband being the brightest of all. I am extremely blessed and I well know it.  I’m afraid the fact that my house is basically an empty nest and my health is not where I would like it to be, just served to magnify the fact that I am 58 today and 60 is getting closer.

Also for the record, I had a wonderful birthday weekend filled with sweet family members, lots of laughter, and being completely spoiled by my husband.  Life is full of hills and valleys.  Sometimes we focus on the hills and sometimes we focus on the valleys.  That’s part of being human.  This morning I was focused on the valley and I apologize if I brought anyone else down with me as a result.  I am changing my focus now.


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