Friday Night Pizza Review

Tonight’s highlighted pizza joint is a local favorite, Austin’s Pizza.  There are 10 locations around Austin.  An Austin original since 1999, they have been a real player in the biz’ since being taken over by J.D. Torian in 2005.  Mr. Torian is a big fan of the farm to table movement and all of Austin’s Pizzza’s meat products are sourced locally.


We mostly frequent the location at 2800 E. Whitestone Blvd as that’s the closest one to us.  My favorite menu item is the White Pizza with chicken, but there are many more to choose from.  With cool names like; Zenyatta Formaggio and Pesto a Go-Goat, the menu is really fun.  There’s even a pie named after Mopac.  They offer sides like pizza rolls, wings, and cheese sticks – even gluten free cheesesticks.  They have daily specials, lunch specials, and even cater.  The menu also includes salads and desserts, as well as five sauces to choose from for your pizza!  Now THAT’S awesome!

Most importantly, they pass the salt block test!  Their pizza is fresh tasting and delicious!  The prices are more than fair, in my opinion.  As I’ve said before though, quality costs a little more.  Austin’s is definitely a notch above the mainstream pizza chains.  For a really cool, neighborhood-type vibe I recommend the store on Cuernavaca Drive in Austin.  The building is kind of rustic, surrounded by trees and sporting an outdoor patio.  I would guess the building has been there awhile.


Whichever store you choose, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by the food.  They deliver, but we’ve never been able to test that out because we’re too far outside their delivery area.  No matter.  We gladly go into town to pick up what has become one of our favorites!


Mangiamo!  🍕😊

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