New Canyon Restaurant


Canyon, Texas is sporting a brand new restaurant on its downtown square as of January of this year.  Joe Taco calls itself a “Mexi-Cafe”.  Whatever that really means, “awesome food” has to be somewhere in the definition.  Let me be totally clear.  The name is “Joe Taco”, not “Joe’s Tacos” or “Taco Joe’s” – all of which we ourselves called it at first.

The former automotive business turned restaurant has been an instant success.  That could be partly due to the fact that there’s been another Joe Taco just up the road in Amarillo since 2007, so the locals aren’t totally unfamiliar.  Still, no restaurant is a success if the food is no good.  Such could never be said of Joe Taco.  The food is amazing!  My family and I have been there twice now and had a fabulous experience both times (keep in mind we live 8-hours away.  If closer, we’d be there more often).  Great prices, healthy portions, good service, and a fun atmosphere!  This picture only shows a small part of the restaurant.  They also have larger tables.


The menu is extensive and too much for me to list here, so here’s a link to their dinner menu.  They also serve lunch.  Every time we’ve been it has seemed busy, but we’ve never had a long wait.  Joe Taco is located at 502 15th St., in Canyon, Texas in an historic building.  The restaurant has two dining rooms, a bar, and plenty of outdoor seating. Open 11:00a.m. – 9:00p.m. during the week and until 10:00p.m. on the weekends.



For us, a trip to Canyon is no longer complete without a visit to Joe Taco!

Happy exploring!  😊👍🏻


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