Friday Night Pizza Review

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Today’s pizza review is a bit of a throwback for me.  It was THE place when I was in college, but I think I’ve ordered from them maybe twice in the past ten years.  Weird, when I think about it, and I really don’t have a definitive answer as to why.  I ordered from them a few weeks ago and was reminded of how much I loved their pizza and came up with a possible reason as to why they went to the bottom of my list.  The crust on my favorite type of pizza from there is greasy and decadent.  It’s a good kind of greasy, like a grilled cheese sandwich, but not helpful when you’re trying to be a bit healthier.

Have you guessed it yet?  Yup!  Pizza Hut.  Specifically their pan pizza.  Only now, they’ve kicked it up a notch and added crust flavors!  Toasted Parmesan, Garlic Buttery Blend, and Toasted Cheddar are just a few of the options you have to choose from.  Their entire menu has changed from my college days and it’s a whole new delightful pizza world at the Hut.

If you haven’t tried them in awhile, I would recommend giving them another chance.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the menu options.  Pizza Hut’s flavors have always been good in my opinion and there’s not a lot of change there, thankfully.  Their prices are definitely competitive and their delivery service good.  They pass the salt block test, barely, and if you want to be a bit healthier go with a thin crust and lots of veggies.  Stay away from the Pan Pizza!  If you’re looking for some decadence, however, the Pan is definitely the way to go!

Mangiamo!  😁🍕

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