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Every morning, I make a cup of coffee and sit in my bedroom chair to spend time with the Lord.  Some mornings I jump right into it, eager to hear from Him and learn something from His Word.  Other mornings, I can’t focus to save my life.  My to-do list for the day starts looping through my brain and I seem to have forgotten where the “off” switch is.  “I just need to do this one thing first”, I say to myself and next thing I know, it’s lunch time.  Or, I do the thing and come back to my chair only to have a hundred other things clamor for my attention.  What to do?!

My time in the Word is valuable and precious to me.  So, it’s worth it to come up with a solution for this lack of focus.  Here are a few things I’ve discovered that help.

  • Music.  I put together a playlist of instrumental worship music in my Amazon music and as soon as I turn that on, my brain calms down.  They say, “Music soothes the savage beast.”  I guess it also soothes the busy brain.  😉
  • Pray.  If I just start talking to God, telling Him I need help focusing and shutting down the to-do list for now, I’ve already begun spending time with Him and His peace begins to permeate my heart and mind.  He shows up.  🙏☺️
  • Develop a well-established routine.  I find it easy to get distracted while I’m in the kitchen making my coffee.  I am already thinking about the day.  Sometimes my son walks in and starts talking to me which, obviously, distracts my brain.  Fortunately, everyone in my family knows my routine and they also know that when my coffee’s done, I’m going back to my room to do my devotions.  It’s kind of like accountability.  That’s my routine.  Everyone knows it.  Questions are asked when I deviate from it.  Unless, of course, no one is up yet then it’s up to me and habits are hard to break.  🛋📖👍🏻

Do you have any challenges in this area?  What do you do to keep yourself on task?


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