“Don’t California My Texas”


While sitting in the hospital waiting room yesterday, I noticed a man sitting across from me wearing this T-shirt.  Being from California originally, I kind of scoffed at the unwelcome message to Californians.  I was tempted to say something to him, something witty with undertones of sarcasm.  I bit my tongue, however, and said nothing.

I realize that Texas has been flooded with Californians over the past ten years or so, and that our ways are a little different, but still, we are all Americans.  It’s not like we’ve invaded a foreign country.  I’m sure there are some Texans who would disagree.  Those who would like Texas to be its own country.  So far, however, it is still a part of these here United States.

I believe part of the issue is housing prices.  I don’t really understand the world of finance very well, but I’ve been told that we’ve jacked up the price of housing and ruined the market.  I expect it has something to do with the fact that we sold our houses in California for ridiculous amounts and bought mansions in Texas outright.  Well, I’ve heard that some of us did that.  We didn’t do that.  Anyway, like I said, I don’t have a firm grasp on how all of that works, but I know there are Texans who resent us for it.

I think they also think we’re weird.  Although, in Austin I think we blend in pretty well.  You know, “Keep Austin Weird”?  That’s they’re motto.  Austin actually reminds me of the San Francisco Bay Area (where I moved from); Oakland or Berkeley.  It’s funky and eclectic, full of artists and very ethnically diverse.  If I had to move to any part of Texas, this is the place most like home.  I’m not actually in Austin proper, but close.

I would like to say something to my beloved Texas friends.  Don’t be too quick to judge someone just because they recently relocated here from California.  We all have a different story.  For example, my husband was born here in McAllen.  His parents are from Austin.  Much of his family lives in Central Texas.  His parents moved to California when he was three months old.

My father was raised in Conroe.  I attended Kindergarten in Baytown and graduated high school in Needville.  I have cousins who were born and raised here.  All of my siblings live here and have for most of their lives (long story).  I was born in California and have roots in Texas.  I like to refer to myself as a “Texicalian”.


Not only do you not know everyone’s story or their possible ties to Texas, but you should be proud and honored that we chose your great state to relocate to.  And not just Californians!  I have met people who have relocated here from all over the country!  They chose Texas for all sorts of reasons, but choose Texas they did!  As someone who identifies as part Texan, I think this influx of out-of-staters only serves to confirm the greatness of “The Great State of Texas”!  I think it’s something to be proud of!


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