Friday Night Pizza Review

vegetables italian pizza restaurant

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Our spotlight this week is on a new kid on the block – Yaghi’s Pizza.  Started in 2014 by a transplant to Texas from New York, Cal Yaghi.  His family already owned a restaurant in New York and Cal encouraged them to come to Texas and open a pizzeria.  Their first locations were in Austin, but we discovered them right here in Georgetown in the HEB shopping center on Williams Drive.

Yaghi’s New York Style Pizza claims stone baked, authentic New York style pizza from dough made fresh daily and in-house made from scratch meats.  As well as 100% all natural mozzarella cheese and top quality tomatoes and spices for their secret sauce.


I believe their claims because I can taste the quality.  Not only is it good pizza, it’s inexpensive pizza!  I don’t want to say “cheap” because to me that implies low quality and that does not apply here.  It doesn’t stop at pizza either.  They offer calzones, salads, pasta, pizza rolls, buffalo wings, subs, and cheese sticks!  I don’t think you’ll leave there hungry!  😉


Yaghi’s New York Style Pizza passes my salt test, they’re easy on the wallet, and they deliver hot food in a timely manner!  I give them four out of five anchovies and feel pretty confident that if you give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

Mangiamo!  😁🍕

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