Monday Mug Shot

Today’s mug shot is another gift from my son, Matt.  He was on the bowling team in high school, in fact he won the Texas state high school singles championship when he was a sophomore.  He is a very gifted bowler.  Anyway, there is a youth bowling tournament every year called “Junior Gold”.  Matt’s senior year the tournament was in Buffalo, N.Y. and Matt went.  While there, he visited Niagra Falls.  He made sure to find a Starbucks (he’s not a coffee drinker) and bring me back this mug.


I thought it was the sweetest gesture.  I think he had some help from one of the moms who went on the trip, if I remember correctly.  Still, for him to go through the effort of tracking this down for me, really touched my heart.  One of my love languages is gifts.  There’s not much that makes me feel more loved than to have someone go to the trouble of finding something they know I would like.  It makes me feel known, considered, and loved.  I believe Matt loves me.  ☺️💕

This mug invokes fond memories of my sweet son and inspires the travel bug in me.  I’ve never been to Niagra Falls and would love to see it in person some time.  Maybe even step over to the Canadian side for a visit.  I’ve been to Canada briefly on the way to an Alaskan cruise and have always wanted to return for a more lengthy visit.

It’s funny how, like a certain smell, my mugs can transport me back in time to a certain memory or place I’ve been, or in this case inspire me to go somewhere I’ve never been.




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