Monday Mug Shot


Today’s mug is an interesting one from an interesting place.  It’s fairly new to the collection.  As I think I’ve mentioned before, our youngest son is attending college in Canyon, Texas. This past summer was his first summer away from home.  In the past, he has come home for summer break, but this year he’s doing the whole grown-up thing.  Working, paying rent, etc.  So, in August we went to visit him right before he started his junior year.

Canyon is called “Canyon” because it’s home to Palo Duro Canyon.  We have been there many times in the past three years and never once actually visited the canyon . . . until this summer.  We did a little research before visiting and found out some amazing things.  For one, Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest canyon in the United States.  Second only to . . . you guessed it, the Grand Canyon!  Right here in Texas!  Who knew?!  We sure didn’t.  It’s a beautiful place and chock full of history, but I won’t ruin that for you by telling you all about it.  😉

Inside the canyon is a cool little place called Palo Duro Trading Post. You can eat, grab some snacks for the trail, or do what we did and shop.  There’s no shortage of souvenirs there.  You can see the rest of my mug’s family there on the bottom shelf in the pic on the right.  As you can see, there are plenty of mugs to choose from.

I chose this one because of the design on the inside of the mug.  I’d never seen one like it before.  I’ve seen plenty of mugs with a picture on the inside bottom, like a prize for when you reach the end of your cuppa.  Or even a little ceramic figure sitting in the cup, drowning until you rescue it by drinking all your coffee.  But never have I seen the entire inside of a mug decorated in such a way and it really appealed to the hippy in me.  The creative free-spirit that almost never appears was all over this mug.  All the other mugs disappeared when she saw this one!


No, I’m not a multiple personality, just multiple moods.  These are moods I’m talking about.  Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up – Oh!  I also love the contrast!  I love contrast anyway and somehow the black and white inside just really works with the blue outside for me.  I also find this mug intriguing because I can’t totally make out the design on the front.  In fact, without my glasses, I can’t even read where it says “Palo Duro Canyon, Texas”.  The design looks like maybe a canyon formation and some Native American art???  If you can make it out better than I can, I would love a translation.

This little mug makes me feel grateful that we finally visited the canyon and brings back a happy memory.  It also inspires the artist in me with its unique interior.  I’m calling this one my “happy artist” mug.  ☕️🎨😃💕


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