Monday Mug Shot

I apologize for missing last Monday.  Things were a bit busy with it being Thanksgiving week.  I hope you had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

For this week’s mug, I’m sharing another newcomer.  This one is from our Branson trip with my bestie and her hubby this past October.  We’d never been before and were sufficiently impressed.  We plan to return as much as possible.  If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it.


There’s a fun little story with this one.  The four of us were shopping in one of the stores on Main St.  The girls were in one part of the store and the guys in another.  I found the mug section fairly quickly, of course, and as I spotted this one my husband came up behind me, pointed at it, and said “That one’s cool.”  That pretty much sealed the deal.  I think that was the first time we spotted a mug we liked at the same time.  My hubs doesn’t usually care that much about mugs since he’s not a big coffee or tea drinker.  So, this was a momentous occasion.

This mug reminds me of a wonderful time with wonderful friends, the great entertainment that is a big part of Branson, and that one special time when my sweetie and I spotted a mug we both liked at the same time.  It was simply serendipitous and I hope to enjoy this one for a long, long time.


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