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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Means to The End

The pain runs deep.
There seems no end.
The injustice is just unbearable.

They drove so far
their steely knife,
It feels as if lodged forever.

Innocence is yours.
Nothing have you done
to merit such a blow to your heart.

But remember, dear one
to whom you belong.
”Vengeance is Mine”, He saith.

His is to repay.
Yours is to forgive.
With God all things are possible.

Look to the Healer
to mend your heart.
Choose forgiveness over and over.

Never lose sight
of eternity.
It puts everything else in perspective.

The pain runs deep,
but there is an end
and the means are love and forgiveness.

© 2019, Brenda Lenz

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