Not To Be Remiss

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It occurred to me this morning that I have been remiss in my travel journaling.  I have been to this place twice in the past six months and have yet to share it with you.  For this, I apologize.  ☺️

The place?  Branson, Missouri.  A bit of a mystery to some and home away from home for others.  I, personally, had never heard of the place until I moved from California to Texas.  California has it’s own playgrounds; Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Vegas.  Apparently Branson is a playground for the middle southern part of the country.  A lot of folks from Texas and Arkansas in particular visit there.  At least that’s where a lot of the people I’ve met were from.  Branson gets visitors from all over the world though.  I learned this on our last visit while signing a guest book at one of our favorite spots there.  So, if you’re unfamiliar with Branson and curious at the same time, read on.

The first thing I heard about Branson was the shows.  I had not been there yet, but my best friend goes frequently and was telling me a little bit about it.  What I pictured in my mind was nothing like the reality!  I basically pictured a strip of road lined with theatres, and that was it.  Ha!  Was I surprised when I actually saw it for the first time.

My first sighting was a lake and a beautiful bridge crossing over it.  It turns out, there are all kinds of water activities in Branson at Table Rock Lake; Lake Taneycomo, and Rockaway Beach.  Lake Taneycomo runs like a river alongside Branson to Rockaway Beach.  One of the best views of Table Rock Lake can be found at Top of The Rock.  A beautiful site to visit all on it’s own.  There is a museum, a golf course, restaurant, shopping, and Big Cedar Lodge.  A Branson “must-do” in my opinion.

I think of Branson as a combination of Lake Tahoe, CA.; Fredericksburg, TX; and Las Vegas, NV (without the gambling).  Branson is a very family friendly place.  I only included Vegas because of the shows – which are also family friendly.  The shows are too numerous to mention.  I will say, however, that if you go and there is a show at the Sight and Sound Theater – go see it!  I also recommend a group called “Six”.  My words can’t do them justice.  If you like music and comedy – see their show.

In addition to all the shows, there is shopping galore!  Thus the Fredericksburg reference.  Downtown and Branson Landing are my two favorite shopping areas.  There is also no shortage of restaurants should you work up an appetite while shopping.  Paula Deen even has a new restaurant coming at The Landing.  I saw the construction going on during my last visit this past April.

I don’t travel with kids so much anymore, but I know there is plenty for them to do in Branson as well.  Miniature golf courses and go-kart tracks are all over Branson.  I’ve heard tell that Silver Dollar City theme park is a great place to hang out with the kids.  I don’t think there’s really anything you could do in Branson that the kids wouldn’t be welcome to and even enjoy.  Some of the smaller ones may get bored with a show or two, but even that’s questionable.

Branson has something for just about everyone whether you’re into hiking or your idea of hiking is browsing the shops along the main.  Good food, good fun, good people.  That’s my experience of Branson, Missouri and I would be remiss to not share it with you.

Happy Travels!

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