At-Home Anniversary

Day 25 of our state-wide lockdown and my and my husband’s 26th wedding anniversary. It feels a little weird. In the past, we’ve enjoyed a weekend away or even just a day trip somewhere. Last year for our 25th we enjoyed a whole week in Branson, Missouri. This year we won’t be going out to dinner, or to a movie, or anywhere outside our house. And our anniversary is even on a Friday this year! Friday is a perfect night for a night on the town! Normally.

Things aren’t normal right now though. Rich is still working, that much is normal. I’m still at home all day, that’s pretty normal. Except for the occasional coffee date with a friend, shopping with my daughter, or visit to my sister’s I don’t get out a whole lot. What’s not normal for us is the ability to come and go as we please and without a medical mask. The inability to celebrate our anniversary with dinner at a favorite restaurant is not normal.

What’s life without a little adventure though, right? Opportunities to be creative are what make us grow and expand our horizons. So, while this anniversary might be different for sure, it can still be special. I just need to get a little creative. 🤔

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