If Attitude is Everything, Then What is Perspective?

You know the old saying, “Attitude is everything”? I think attitude is extremely important and a major factor in the way we respond to things, but what about perspective? Does not perspective affect our attitude? If my perspective is that my life should revolve around me and my personal happiness, then something bad happens. What do you think my attitude would be? Well, I can answer that from experience, it would stink. A negative attitude would prevail as a result of my self- absorbed perspective.

Consider and answer me, O Lord my God; Enlighten my eyes, or I will sleep the sleep of death,” -Psalm 13:3. “Enlighten my eyes, or I will sleep the sleep of death” . . . Change my perspective so that I don’t kill myself with negativity. The thought of dying from negativity might seem exaggerated, but it has been proven that a negative attitude and high stress level can lead to all kinds of illnesses. Negativity is not a good thing and I totally believe that it comes from a self-focused perspective.

We get upset when things don’t go our way. When people or circumstances don’t line up with our agenda, we are offended because it’s all about us. NO . . . It’s not all about us! It’s not about me, it’s not about you. It’s about God and His plan for our lives to glorify Him and bless others. We need to take the focus off of ourselves and put it on God and what He wants us to do for others, to His glory.

How much more joy do you feel when you step out of your “norm” and help someone in need than when you just go about your daily routine? I know I feel a LOT more joy. How about your joy level during worship as opposed to staying home and vegging in front of a ball game? Ok, maybe that’s not a good example. A lot of people find great joy in watching a ball game. Personally, I prefer worship because that is where I feel closest to God and for me, that’s a high nothing can come close to. My point here is that when my focus is on God rather than myself, those are the times I feel the most joy. My attitude is positive because my perspective is focused on the greatest source of positive energy, my Heavenly Father.

I am going to challenge myself for 30 days to maintain a heavenly perspective and see what affect it has on my attitude. I’m going to smile on purpose at every person I come in contact with. I’m going to attempt to see every situation through the eyes of Christ and respond with the mind of Christ. I’m going to refuse to yell, scream, grumble, or complain . . . For 30 whole days! That’s a long time for a melancholy personality like mine, in a body riddled with arthritis and a movement disorder. In fact, I think I’ll not even use the words “melancholy” or “arthritis” for 30 days as well.

Heavenly Father, change my perspective and help me to maintain a positive attitude even beyond this 30-day challenge. Help me to keep my focus on You at all times. I desire, Father, that my actions, my life, would glorify You. Give me a heavenly perspective and the mind of Christ. I ask these things in the mighty name of Christ Himself, Amen!

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