A Small Christmas Memory

I was thinking this morning, about our Christmas tree with its LED lights that don’t heat up so as not to cause a fire hazard. Very cool and very modern. Then I flashed on a memory from when I was very young and we lived in the house on Falling Leaf in Garden Grove.

We didn’t have tree lights at all then. We had a color wheel that sat on the floor in front of the tree and rotated, shining different colors on the tree depending on which color panel was illuminated.

Vintage Christmas Tree Color Wheel

I remember sitting on the living room floor in the dark with only this wheel (which is not our actual wheel) lit up, watching it rotate and change colors on the tree. SO MANY things have changed since then. Technology has come so far! Today, I have a string of cool (literally) lights on my tree that, with the push of a button, can be colored or clear, or rotate back and forth between the two in either a steady or blinking mode. Amazing!

However it happens, I think there’s just something magical and romantic about a lit up Christmas tree! It invokes a sense of wonder that creates a wonderful memory for me. Like those early days on the living room floor with the color wheel.

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