December Devotionals

The Lord is My Rock – Day 12

A Redeemer Has Come
“A Redeemer will come to Zion . . .” –Isaiah 59:20a

God promised the Israelites that a redeemer would come, and He kept that promise. Jesus Christ came as their Redeemer, and as ours. As the words in the song proclaim, “My Redeemer lives”. Does your redeemer live? Is the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, sent by God as promised so long ago, the One you know as your redeemer? Commit all to Him today and allow Him to be YOUR Redeemer in every way.

Father, thank You for sending me such a wonderful Redeemer. Thank You for loving me enough to redeem me in the first place, from the bondage of sin. Thank You that I can sing with all of my heart, “My Redeemer lives!” In the magnificent name of the Redeemer Himself, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen!

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