Puppy Love

Mia Cuddles

Seven months ago I did a thing that I had tried before without a lot of success. I got a dog. You know, one of those furry things that bark, lick you, and poop in your yard. I tried owning a dog a few years ago, but it wasn’t a good fit so I went back to cats. We adopted a cat almost two years ago and she was going to be my buddy. It didn’t quite turn out that way.

Amara, as it turns out, bonded with my husband and became occasionally agressive with me. She would come and sit with me very sweetly, then after a few minutes of petting decided she’d rather scratch and bite me. Needless to say, our relationship didn’t exactly blossom. Still wanting a companion, I decided to renew the search for a dog. All of my children are grown, my husband works all day, and I was still mourning the loss of my former life due to a new movement disorder. I needed some company during the day.

After about six months of searching, I discovered Mia on one of the pet search sites. She was at our local shelter. The small dogs always go fast so I wasted no time in getting down there to see her. It was kind of an interesting situation. First off, my husband and I couldn’t figure out which building we needed to go to. Then, when we got to the right building, there seemed to be no one there. We couldn’t find a way in. Just as we were about to give up and go home, someone showed up at the gate and asked if we needed help! I explained who I was looking for and the young lady knew exactly who and where she was. She was still there! We waited in the visiting area for just a few minutes before Mia was trotted out to us on the end of a leash. She was a little timid, but went immediately to Rich (my husband) and stood behind his legs. She was adorable! We were left to visit with her for a bit and she was just the sweetest thing. I fell in love. My sweet husband is not at all a dog person. In fact, he always swore he would never have one, but I think even he thought she was cute. My only worry was that yet another pet that was supposed to be mine, would bond with Rich instead. He’s just such a lovable guy! We took her home anyway. My heart just wouldn’t let me leave without her. As it turned out, we ended up having to leave her for a few days anyway as she was scheduled to be spayed. We paid the fee though and claimed her as ours. Our timing was perfect. The lady who took our money told us she had about a thousand emails inquiring about Mia. She had only been at the shelter for four days. Wow! Seemed like a divine appointment to me!

Mia was not her name at the shelter. I think they called her Fiona, or something like that. I can’t even remember. She’s Mia to me. We brought her home on February 2, 2021 and my fears of her bonding with Rich were never realized. She loves him, don’t get me wrong, but I am definitely her person. After just a couple of months of her being with us, I ended up in the hospital for five days. Rich said she was totally depressed while I was gone, but he took good care of her and I think that’s when she decided to really love him. I know I certainly loved him more for being so good with her when he never wanted a dog in the first place. The poor guy just can’t help being nice, even when he doesn’t really want to. Hahaha!! Also, he loves me a lot and does his best to make me happy and he knows that Mia makes me happy.

I’ve actually only really had one other dog love in my life. Her name was Cuddles and she was a curly haired mutt. I had her when I was in high school and loved her to death! Mia is partially named after her thus the name Mia Cuddles. Mia is a Pomchi – a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. She is smart as a whip, stubborn, loyal, loving, and energetic. So far she knows; “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “rollover”, “Mia come”, “let’s go night-night” (she heads straight for her kennel), “get your toy”, “ready for your brushin’?” (she always is), and “let’s get your treat”. The “Mia come” one is negotiable if she’s fixated on something outside – very frustrating sometimes. She is also a bit of a barker. A yappy dog, as my husband puts it. But then, you know, Chihuahua and Pomeranian. She can’t help it. I’ve seen worse though and sometimes we can get her to stop. She’s very vocal and sometimes her barking is just her talking to you rather than a warning of some kind. She makes other noises too in her attempt to communicate and we never cease to get a kick out of listening to her say other things besides “bark!”

I love this little pup! I think she is so pretty, fun, smart, and loving. She is great company. She loves going on walks and hikes, adventures of any kind really. The only drive-thru where she doesn’t bark at the person in the window is Starbucks because she knows they’re going to give her something good. We never hear a peep out of her at Starbucks, just a lot of tail-wagging and hopping back and forth between me and my husband or whoever else is in the car. It’s adorable! She loves her puppaccino! She also loves her “pupster” Shauna (my youngest daughter). Shauna came up with the title “pupster” – a combination of puppy and sister. Mia gets so excited when Shauna shows up that we have to greet her outside because Mia pees everywhere at the sight of her. It’s so funny! She loves Shauna’s dog, Moon, too. Moon is ten times bigger than Mia and it took them some time to figure out how to play together, but now they’re buddies.

Mia & Moon

I feel totally blessed to have this fun little ball of fur in my life. Amara (the cat) can’t stand her and growls almost anytime Mia is within her vicinity, but I keep hoping that will change in time. They haven’t seriously injured each other at all, so that’s a good thing. That’s Amara, and that face is pretty much her attitude.

Amara the kitty

These guys keep life interesting, that’s for sure. I could go on about all of these critters. They all have such interesting personalities and are characters in their own right. I feel like I’ve bored you long enough though, so maybe I’ll share more later. It’s about time for Mia’s afternoon play time anyway. She’ll do some of that vocalizing at me if I’m late.

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