Patsy Cline in Honor of a Birthday???

I found myself singing a Patsy Cline song this morning; “Walkin’ After Midnight”. I don’t know where it came from. I’m not a huge Patsy Cline fan and don’t normally go around singing her songs. Then I remembered . . . my former father-in-law, Hugh Sackett, was a HUGE Patsy Cline fan.

When I was married to Hugh’s son we lived on the same property. Basically, my in-laws’ house was in our backyard. Hugh was a truck driver, but mostly short hauls, so he was usually home on the weekends. And on those weekends he often liked to be in his garage – blasting Patsy Cline on his boombox. I think they were cassettes anyway, I don’t remember for sure. I DO remember hearing Patsy Cline almost constantly on the weekends and any other time he was home.

Hugh was a sweet man and has been gone for many years, and it’s been even longer since I’ve heard a Patsy Cline song. Today also happens to be his son’s birthday. How strange is that? I wonder if my subconscious tapped into that somehow and Patsy Cline showed up in honor of that time in my history when I actively celebrated this birthday? I really have no idea, but I do know that the mind is an interesting and complex piece of machinery. Memories seem to pop up all on their own and sometimes very randomly. Not so random today though, it seems. So, even though I haven’t spoken to Hugh’s son in years, I remember his birthday and hope that wherever he is, Patsy Cline is haunting him too.

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