The Biggest Little Zoo in Texas

Recently, my sister and I were in the city of Victoria, Texas with two of my grands looking for something to do.  My sister knew there was a zoo in town, but had never been.  So, she did some searching on her phone and found the Texas Zoo.  It was obvious that it was small, but we decided to give it a try anyway.  It turned out to be a surprisingly nice little zoo.

It was an overcast and cool weekday, so we practically had the place to ourselves, which only enhanced the experience for us.  Fortunately, the animals seemed to be enjoying the weather as well.  They were all fairly active.

This guy was full of personality.  Any time a zoo worker came into sight, he acted like he was sure they had food for him.  Unfortunately for him, none of them did.  He remained optimistic, however, and very close to the fence.

There were peacocks roaming free and they were absolutely gorgeous!  The kids got to feed them and loved it!

We also got to listen to the Red Wolf and the Coyotes singing, which was a totally awesome experience!

I loved this guy!  I could have watched him all afternoon.  He was so beautiful and powerful looking.  I like the word “majestic” for him.

Just the size of his paws was intimidating.

Please forgive my ignorance for I do not know the name of this breed of owl, but I found them to be quite beautiful.  There was no placard as the zoo is still recovering from the effects of the last hurricane.  Some areas are still under reconstruction and not all of the animals have been returned to their exhibits.

There were actually quite a few birds both inside and out.  I particularly like these next two as well.  I’m going to guess that the first one is a Gray Parrot and we all know the colorful Macaw.

Absolutely gorgeous birds!

Feeding the goats was a blast for the kids.  They actually like goats!  Personally, I don’t care for them, but, to each his own.

At one point, a goat actually ripped the bag of food out of my sister’s hand  After that, we called him “Greedy”.  It made for a pretty good photo “op” though.  📸😁

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Texas Zoo, just as much if not more so than any large zoo we’ve been to and we’ve been to some of the majors; San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, San Antonio – we like zoos!  The staff here are super friendly and the zoo hosts some pretty cool events

So, if you ever find yourself in Victoria, Texas with some time to kill, I recommend a visit to this little zoo with big heart!

Great place to visit!  🐆🦉🐻😊