Anyone Need to Hear This?

So, I haven’t been writing a whole lot this year so far. I think I’ve been struggling a bit with what to say; feeling a bit like I have nothing of importance to impart. I was reminded recently that we all have something to say. We all have a voice that someone needs to hear. Even if it’s been said before, there’s someone who either hasn’t heard it or needs to be reminded of it. And, there’s someone who needs to hear it the way that you would say it.

I have noticed over the years that speakers will often repeat the same sentiment in different ways. I’ve learned that they do this because different people hear things differently. Have you ever experienced that? I have. I’ve heard something multiple times then someone will say it a little differently and it will suddenly click! Sounds a little weird, I know, but it’s true. I don’t understand the phenomenon or any science behind it, but I find it fascinating.

Having been reminded of all this, I’ve decided to step up my writing, and to diversify somewhat. This blog is, after all, supposed to be about all of my different interests. I could blame my lack of content on the state of the world right now and the fact that I haven’t been pursuing as many interests as in the beginning as a result. I don’t think that’s the whole truth though.

I can’t blame my limited activity completely on the pandemic or supply shortages, or any of that. There are lots of contributing factors; we’ve gone down to one vehicle so I don’t get out as much, Dystonia limits me physically, I’ve been focusing mainly on paper crafting and crochet as far as hobbies go, and we’re getting ready for a wedding in July. Realistically, I could write about all of these things and I think I will going forward. Who knows. I may say something that someone needs to hear. 😊

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