Monday Mug Shot

Twelve years ago last month my husband, our two boys, and I moved from the San Francisco East Bay Area to Central Texas.  My husband had lived in Northern California most of his life after being born and living in McAllen, Texas for three months.  His parents are from Austin, so we were returning to his roots in a sense, although we both refer to California as “home”.

For the first time since moving, we took a trip “home” this past May, just my husband and I.  We visited a bunch of our favorite places; Carmel, MT. Diablo, Muir Woods, Stinson Beach, and Lake Tahoe.  We would have hit Yosemite also, but we ran out of time.  While in Tahoe, I picked up this mug:


Funny thing is, I already had a Lake Tahoe mug.  I’ll give you the story on that one later.  The thing is, while I’ve always loved the first mug, it’s small.  More for a cup of tea or a small cup of coffee.  It also got chipped.  😢  I’m a big fan of lattes and therefore, a big fan of bigger cups – like this one.

Rich and I were having lunch at a little place called “Driftwood Cafe” in Tahoe.  After lunch we wandered into the gift shop next door where I spotted this mug.  I loved the color, the font, and the fact that it looked big enough to hold a latte’.  So, home with me it came.  I’m transported back to Tahoe and that beautiful day spent there with my sweetie every time I use it.  It puts me in a Cali. state of mind.


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