Tony & Luigi’s

My family and I have lived in Georgetown for 12-years and for the very first time last night, my husband and I dined at Tony & Luigi’s. From what I understand, this restaurant has been here longer than we have, so how have we missed it all these years? I have no idea, but we have definitely been missing out! I am honestly a little embarrassed to admit all of this because Italian food is my favorite and we eat out quite a bit. There is absolutely no excuse for not having tried this place before now. And now that we’ve tried it, we’re kicking ourselves for the wasted time.

It’s a simple little white building with not a lot of parking. The only thing pretty about the outside is the sign.


Inside, however, is a completely different story. The ambience is warm and cozy. There are tables everywhere with a wall of booths. We were promptly greeted by a friendly waiter who brought us drinks and a basket of heavenly rolls complete with a spread that seemed a combination of Boursin and butter. My husband ventured out a bit and ordered a Mediterranean Margarita (we’re not big drinkers) and liked it so much he had to make himself stop drinking it. If he weren’t driving, he would have finished the whole thing. I enjoyed part of a lovely Peach Bellini.

For starters, we ordered the stuffed mushrooms and they were marvelous!  (We dove into them before I remembered to take a pic.  They bring you six altogether)

For dinner, I ordered Pasta Carbonara and my husband had the Chicken Alla Madrid.

We each also had a Caesar side salad. I have to comment on the salad!

A lot of Caesar dressings are extremely sharp as are the Parmesan shavings that accompany it. This one, however, was a very pleasant surprise. The cheese was mild, nutty, and buttery – like a good Parm should be. The dressing was beautiful and not overly sharp. One of the best Caesars we’ve ever had. Our main courses were almost beyond words. Delicioso doesn’t even cover it! Ethereal might be a better word.

We didn’t stop at dinner though. After all, we were in an Italian restaurant. To leave without sampling their Tiramisu would be a crime! 4E070070-A241-49C6-996E-36E4CE9C209F

Suffice it to say, they know what they’re doing in that cucina! The Tiramisu was heavenly! We Left Tony & Luigi’s vowing that it was now our “go-to” for Italian food in Georgetown. The service was friendly and efficient, the ambience comfortable, the food amazing, and the prices reasonable! If you’re ever in Georgetown with a craving for Italian, Tony & Luigi’s is THE place! And if you go on a Thursday night you can enjoy Frank Sinatra style entertainment.

I’m gonna go eat my leftovers now!

Mangiamo!  🍽🥂😊

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